A strategic advantage to Plex is how it helps World Class companies to see the best opportunities for improvement in their businesses.  Using real, live data from the operations, employees focus on areas where the results will be the greatest and offer the best financial returns for all money spent. 
Beyond conventional ERP systems, Plex also provides the tools to analyze the problems, define corrective actions, track and manage the improvements and ultimately see the positive impact on the business, all in one integrated platform. 
Using Plex, World Class companies make improvements rapidly and institutionalize the improvements across the business.  These World Class business have more satisfied customers, more engaged employees and suppliers, while also seeing improved financial results.
Many company’s ERP systems only help them track financials and manage the daily operations of the business.  Plex not only does that, but it also provides the tools for businesses to continually improve until they are not only World Class, but truly Best in Class.
With the Plex system having its roots beginning on the manufacturing floor 20 years ago, everything is fully integrated and not an assembly of independent systems tied together.  The first thing a company should ask a current or potential ERP supplier is, “How did your company start, how well does it understand manufacturing and why can your system help me to improve my business?”

We say that there is only one version of reality and if you use Plex, that information is at your fingertips.