Who We Are

Birch Enterprise Management Consulting (Shanghai), is a Plex partner for implementation assistance and business performance improvement in China. Our Chinese professionals (bilingual; Chinese/English) were trained by Plex Systems in the US, are experienced in the implementation of ERP in Chinese enterprises and understand the complexities of Chinese manufacturing operation.


The Plex Manufacturing Cloud

Plex automates the plant floor and informs the top floor. Our manufacturing ERP software is designed from the ground up to connect suppliers, manage materials, control machines and deliver the accounting and analytics organizations need – making you more competitive, efficient and responsive to your customer needs.


Our guiding principle at Birch International –  We Transform Potential into Performance.


"At Birch we ‘Transform Potential into Performance.’”   - Bob Carlstedt, Founder


How can investment in an ERP solution like Plex improve my business performance and profitability?



A key advantage to Plex