We help our Customers build and grow their businesses.


*Birch Enterprise Management Consulting (Shanghai) has partnered with Plex in China beginning in 2010.  Our Chinese professionals (bilingual; Chinese/English), trained by Plex in the US, are highly experienced in the implementation of ERP systems in Chinese enterprises and understand the complexities of Chinese manufacturing operations.  We understand the needs and help our Customers to not only implement Plex, but help them to realize how the right configuration of the Plex operating system can improve their business performance.  Doing so helps them to succeed in today’s highly competitive market, both domestically and internationally.  . 

* With our international experience, we help businesses to better understand and access the global market, find Suppliers, Customers and other resources.


* Experience building muliti-million dollar businesses, growing existing businesses, turning-around under-performing business and purchasing / selling equipment & operations. network of Partner that will help you succeed in today's challenging economy.