Plex Manufacturing Heritage

1> Plex in Automotive

Plex has everything you need to run your automotive business — built-in to the platform, not bolted on with integrations. Gain crucial real-time insight into demand, inventory and quality for increased agility and productivity .


2> Plex in High Tech and Electronics
Keep up with your customers’ rapid pace of product launches with integral data management and tight supply chain integration.  Maximize production throughput with lean operations enabled by the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.


3> Plex in Industrial Manufacturing

Manage product configurations and quoting for fast response to customer inquiries. Also manage configured Bill of Materials (BOMs) and routings across multiple programs, and execute efficiently and with first-time quality.


4> Plex in Precision Metalforming

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud will keep your plant running smoothly with production scheduling, serialized inventory and tooling management 。


5> Plex for Aerospace and Defense

Exceed expectations and drive revenue with world-class quality, end-to-end traceability and streamlined business processes. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud for A&D manufacturers delivers a secure, reliable and flexible solution for agile multi-mode production and lean supply chain operations.


6> ERP for Food and Beverage

Get complete visibility and control over cost, traceability and quality management in a completely integrated Plex cloud ERP solution. Drive continuous improvement in inventory accuracy, cost management, efficiency and profitability.