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Manufacturing Solutions

The Power of the Plant Floor
Today’s manufacturing enterprise gains a key competitive advantage by implementing an extremely strong Shop-Floor Control System, also known as

Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
It’s noteworthy that many ERP software companies claim to support manufacturing companies, but they do little more than accounting, order entry,
and other office tasks. They are not suitable for use on the shop floor, and they provide little value to the manufacturing department. Many manufacturers
indicate that traditional ERP software actually hinders manufacturing, rather than helps it.
The key is to implement a solution that includes job/production management, process instructions, production scheduling, ultra-detailed real-time inventory
control, tool tracking, production tracking, traceability and part genealogy, labor tracking, PLC machine integration, and much more.

Base Requirements
Base requirements for a Manufacturing Execution System include:
• Simple, easy-to-use design for use by shop-floor personnel.
• Real-time information reflecting up-to-date processes.
• Online for ease of access via a browser.
• Built-in barcode labeling.
• Built-in support for mobile/wireless handheld units.
• Built-in integration with machine PLCs.
• Built-in integration with weigh scales, packaging machines, and other equipment.

Advanced Technologies
Other advanced technologies for shop-floor control include integrated barcode printing and reading capability for inventory, gage control, time and attendance, and user log-in cards. Wireless networking, touch-screen functionality, integrated radio frequency identification (RFID), and automated notification capabilities are also key for shop-floor control.